Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're back and it's still raining !

Well after months of walking we arrived back in Kendal a week or so ago. How is Skye adjusting...? Say no more!

As for me? I am enjoying catching up with family and friends and appreciating the simply things in life again such as warm water, a loo to sit on in the morning and a real bed.

I would of course wish to thank everyone for their support over the last five months, without which the trip would not have been possible. Especially to Heather and Alan at Pacerpoles for all their help, to Simon W and Paul G for getting me up the Inn Pin, to Mike K and Glen for their fish and veggie dishes, to Steve P and Lorraine M for their wisdom and encouragement, to everyone who put a roof over my head (particularly the wonderful peaple at the Crask Inn) but most of all to Corrie, Maisie and Charlie (the Support Pack) who worked hard over the summer keeping me going when times were... lets say 'trying'! Many thanks to you all...

I now hope to eventually post pictures and anecdotes which I hope capture some of my experiences during the walk. I have thousands of memories; rain soaked days in Glen Etive, scorching days in the Cairngorms, shared bothies in Knoydart, the Cuillin ridge in cloud (say no more), Fisherfield in gales and rain and the joys and releif of standing on Ben Hope the 284th Munro. Seeing the seasons change, eagles, otters, starry saxifrage and pine martins. A whole array of captured images... Overlaying all these, I recall a feeling of a deep contentment, of completness, a heightened awarness, of being in the 'moment' day after day having to deal only with simple tasks of survival. What a trip it was, many magical moments of sheer bliss and a good number of shear struggle. All character building.

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Sophie Easterbrook said...

Just found your blog - fantastic! Well done both of you! Thanks for your comments on my blog - I will definitely be in touch re JOGLE advise!
Sophie & Patch