Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 82: Half way there!

As there are a total of 284 Munros, John and Skye hit their half way mark today when they climbed Munro number 142: Broad Cairn!!! And yes, it is still raining, but there has been some improvement in the weather in the last couple of days, so John and Skye finally got a view from the top again. Fingers crossed that the weather continues to improved.

(Posted by Corrie B)

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carol & martin said...

Hi John and a big pat the Skye.

Well done so far on your sucessful Mumro bagging.

Hope you are not getting too wet and the wind is not that bad at altitude. It's bad enough at ground level here in Cumbria!

Good luck doing the inaccessable Pinnacle on Sky. Take fresh underwear to change in to when competed. Murial Grey recommends, so do I !!!

Hope to see Corrie and her sister next week.

Love Carol and Martin xx