Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 54: Skye is back on track

Skye is back in the mountains and is looking as fit as ever. She has not picked a good time to return though, as the weather has recently taken a turn for the worst and despite a few clear and sunny moments, there is a lot of rain and mist around making navigation and river crossings a bit of a challenge. Both John and Skye don't seemed to be daunted by bad weather though!

Skye on the way up Bidean nam Bian (as usually having to wait for John to catch up!)

Having lunch looking down towards Glen Coe

One of the more misty moments...

(posted by CB)

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carol & martin said...

Hi John

Really enjoying the blog courtesy of Corrie! Great to keep track of your progress and glad that Skye is back on four feet.

Note that weather has deteriorated and hope your feet aren't too squelchy...

Now we think we've got hang of this we'll post more in next few weeks.

Well done so far - not bad for a Yorkshireman!

Cheers (and hugs to Skye)

Carol x and Martin