Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 49: Skye has fully recovered!

Skye is back on all four paws again and is patiently waiting to be transported up to Scotland to rejoin John and continue her big adventure. She will do any Munros that she has missed on this trip at some point next summer.
In the meantime, John has celebrated climbing is 50th Munro with a bowl of hot rice pudding on the summit.

(Posted by Corrie B)

Skye showing the support crew
in a rather unsubtle way that
she is ready to go back


John Harper said...

Hi John. Great to hear that Skye is up and running again. I think it's only fair that you go back and re-walk the Munros Skye has missed, because she will always know. In her old age she will stare at you in your chair and think..."he cheated me out of some Munros". Rain and windy conditions return: ahh, feels like a proper summer!
Bye for now,
John Harper

Jenny Holden said...

Hooray, well done Skye.
I agree with John and I'm sure you wont mind redoing a few. Just a walk in the park eh?
No more chasing bees ok?

John Harper said...

Great pic in Westm Gazette - you're famous now. I'll show it to Dave and my co-walkers. We're doing Scafell Pike on Thursday - just a stroll before breakfast for you and Skye! Stock up on batteries for that GPS.