Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 11: Isle of Arran

After nearly 350km over the last 11 days, today is John and Skye's first rest day. Last night they arrived on the Isle of Arran, accompanied by 5 blisters! The last 6 days walking to Ayr via Moffat and Sanquhar have been quite tough, mainly due to the heat (who would have thought!) and the large amount of tedious Forestry Commission tracks and road walking.
The highlight of the last few days was a visit to the Wanlockhead Inn. When James, the landlord, realised that John and Skye were on a big trek for charity, he put them up in a wigwam next to the pub free of charge. He and his friends also dug all the change out of their pockets and donate around £35 to John and Skye's charities. So a big thank you to James and his friends at the Wanlockhead Inn!

Skye having a well deserved run on the beach near
Ardrossan after all that boring road walking!

(Posted by Corrie B)

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