Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 1: And we have lift off ...

At 9:45 am on May 1st 2008, John steps out of his doorstep to start the long walk to Cape Wrath. Skye had been sitting patiently on the doorstep for the last hour waiting for him to get ready!

After months of prepration and very little sleep, it seems unreal (but very exciting!) that this day has finally arrived!

Not all lunch stops are going to be as luxurious as the first one at Wilf's Cafe in Staveley. Skye already has the right idea: whenever you can, rest your paws and get some kip!

Next stop: Ambleside for some fish and chips (John), sausages (Skye) and the first night camping.

(Posted by Corrie B)


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